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Tommy Fresh is born and raised in the wild west known as Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Known to some as Cow Town. Growing in a non hip-hop market is what drove Tommy to be the best at what he does. Setting himself apart from the rest and rising to be known as the hottest up and coming producer in Canada.



Tommy Fresh



Now 33 years old, doing music for 6 years and dreaming about it since Doggystyle. His main influences come from producers such as Mr. Green, Kno, C-Lance, Asap Rocky, Kanye West and Dr. Dre. His mix of old school boom bap, new wave rap with hard hitting synth work, and grimey gangsta beats is what sets him apart from the rest.

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Tommy eat, sleeps and breathes music. While most are napping, he's finding inspiration in progressive rock, doom metal, melodeath and even EDM. Diversity is Tommy's keys to success.

alias 'Hawnz Dynasty'

Tommy under the alias Hawnz Dynasty has worked with such local Canadian talent as Snak the Ripper, Whatevski, Slip Sentinal and many others. Upcoming releases are set to be with Marcus Marquis, Choppa, Josiah and many more.

Tommy Fresh 'Bridge The Chaos' is the smash debut album from hip-hop producer Tommy Fresh. This 8 track record is sure to bridge the gap between artists looking for beats, and fans wanting to add variety and excellence to their library

This album takes inspiration from such artists as ASAP Rocky, J. Cole, Kendrick Lamar and Kanye West. That makes this perfect for any artist who wants studio quality beats for their next project. The use of hard hitting snares, 808's, ambient vocals and melodic synths creates a sound superior to any other instrumentals on the market today.

This is the first of many instrumental albums which will be released monthly on 6ig Angu5 Selected Records, also will be available on all major platforms. These beats will also be available for exclusive purchases.

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